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      About Us

      From engraving an important phrase or word onto a piece of jewelry for that special someone, or laser cutting for industrial needs, a laser cutting and engraving machine has become an essential tool for large manufacturers and small hometown businesses alike. At GU Eagle America, we pride ourselves on not only providing top of the line laser cutting and engraving equipment, but comprehensive services. With locations in both China and the United States, we can easily serve our customers, no matter where they are from. Our company has combined advanced technology, social resources, market resources and scientific management ideals into one well planned business concept, through which we have grown into an internationally known laser machine supplier. This laser equipment is used for cartoon cutouts of your favorite characters, to industrial uses, and everything in between. Come visit GU Eagle America, and see for yourself why companies such as Disney trust us with their laser cutting and engraving needs!

      G.U. Eagle America, Inc.
      Address: 855 S Milliken Ave Ste E, Ontario, CA 91761
      Call: +1-626-671-4014
      Sales: sales@gueagle.com
      Service: service@gueagle.com

      Beijing G.U. Eagle Automation Co., Ltd.
      Address: B-2 Dongsheng science park, No. 66 Xixiaokou street, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100192
      Call: +86-10-56358158
      Sales: sales@gueagle.com
      Service: service@gueagle.com

      Inquiry Form
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